This one was upsetting

Dear Dan,

The dream wound around the way dreams do, but the upshot was that you needed $22,000 for a plane ticket to Australia. You were taking a job there. Yes, that’s way over the real amount of a plane ticket to Oz, but this was a dream, remember?

So I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to get the money together for you. Suddenly, I stopped, turned and looked at you.  I said, “This means I’m never going to see you again, doesn’t it?” You just stood there, but acknowledging what I said. I hugged you and said “But I need you in my life.” You hugged me back and said we would think of something.

I woke up crying. It felt like you were saying you wouldn’t be allowed to even occasionally visit in my dreams. It felt like I was losing you all over again. I don’t want to hold you back, but please don’t leave me. Unless you absolutely have to.

Sooo not a good way of starting a day — sobbing.

I still love and miss you, bro.

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