School days

Dear Dan,

I was writing on my other blog about my cat eating my underwear and I remembered us in school. Odd connection. Yeah. I know.

Remember the old “my dog at my homework” days? It’s sort of a new twist on that theme.

Anyway, back to you and school. You would be amazed at the Delta Program. That’s what they call the old “Alternative Program” you helped to start. It’s no longer for the “misfits.” It’s for the brainiacs, artists and those in need of a little extra guidance. Really for those kids not on the mainstream college or VoTech tracks.

They have taken over the old Fairmont Ave. school. I guess they do a good job at filling it. I probably should have gone to a school like that. Did you have me in mind when you got on board with it? Your airy fairy sister.

You would have benefited with a curriculum like the Delta Program has, but you were much too social. There were places for you to fit in all over the regular school. Once they finally let you read about business, finance and politics, your reading skills came way up. You weren’t interested in all that fiction crap the schools forced you to read.

You had a brilliant imagination but you hated reading fiction. Such an odd kid!

Love ya anyway, bro. I miss you so much.

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