“Remember Me” — The Movie

Dear Dan,




What a wretched movie. Slow. In need of editing, better acting — what the hell was up with Pierce Brosnen? — and don’t get me started on 9/11 ending! I felt that was totally contrived and being contrived made it hugely disrespectful.

Robert Patterson. Ugh. He wasn’t very good in Goblet of Fire but at least he wasn’t on screen much. Twilight was bad but I wasn’t the target audience. He just isn’t improving. Can the man do anything but brooding, young adult angst? Apparently not.

So this guy is writing to his brother who committed suicide. Fine. Tattooed his brother’s name on his chest. Fine — don’t expect that from me, but fine.

Then it all goes terribly pear-shaped. I sat through the first love scene debating with myself what I should have for dinner. During the second one, my friend leaned over to me and asked if this was the longest movie I ever sat through.

Now I have to spend time apologizing to taking her to that movie for her birthday. Not a nice way to treat a friend, taking her to a movie like that!

The whole “just as things start to go well, he’s in a Twin Tower at the time the plane hits” was a lit match thrown into gasoline moment for me. Do you have any doubts as to how I reacted to that?

I love you; I miss you. I wish we could discuss movies in person again. But if you can see movies wherever you are,  take a pass on “Remember Me.”

Love ya, bro.

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