Christmas in Vermont

Dear Dan,

‘Tis the season. Every time I hear the song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” I think of you. I wish you would be home or Christmas. And I guess you will be! Just not in the flesh.

I’ve been thinking about the Christmases you spent in Vermont with Nan and family. You certainly enjoyed those! I hope they know how much. You didn’t like snow usually but you said there was something about Vermont that looked like Christmas should. Plus there were so many people around; lots of activity and noise. Also the way Christmas should be.

You would call mom and me separately on Christmas morning. You usually called  me early in the morning before the festivities began and the house was still quiet. The last time you were telling me about their old dog that would come lay his head in your lap and you would pet it. You sounded so nice, relaxed and at peace.

I think those Christmases were some of the happiest times you had in the recent years and I am so grateful to Nan, Fred, Jay et al.

I love you, Dan.

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  1. Dan was such a special part of our Christmas's here in Vermont…his laughter and joy will always be a fond memory for our entire family. My sons all loved Dan like another Uncle and his kindness and support for them through the years helped shaped them into adulthood….he will live on in my heart forever…Nan

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