Colony Collapse, Center for Disease Control and knitting socks

I have colony collapse disorder (CCD) on the brain. And too Center for Disease Control (CDC).

I was reading a sock pattern and it says “k2, p2, k3, yo, CCD” … say, what?

So I read it again. “k2, p2, k3, yo, CDC” … that’s still not right.

What it really says is k2, p2, k3, yo, CDD” for “center double decrease”. I guess we’ve done a few too many stories about colony collapse and H1N1. Not in the same story, of course, since I doubt swine flu has anything to do with bees. Anymore than it does with knitting, come to think of it.

When the whole “swine flu” thing hit the news, our unit started getting calls from students and parents alike. I thought if I got one more call asking if they could continue to eat pork, I was going to respond “Not if you keep kosher.”

I guess that’s why the CDC and media now try to refer to the strain as H1N1 — so people don’t associate it with pigs. Parents were concerned that the dining halls would serve pork and their child would get swine flu. They have much more to worry about if Johnny or Susie get sneezed on, share a drink, kiss or use someone’s pen than if they eat pork. Unless, of course, they keep kosher.

Now I’ll get back to CDD and try to keep bees and swine out of it all.

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