4th of July

Dear Dan,

A colleague came in and was telling me about his 4th of July. Amit is from India. His father is visiting so Amit decided to give him the 4th experience the way this town does it. He and his dad went to the top of the parking garage across from the post office. There they had a panoramic view of the town and the fireworks display. Amit suggested I do that next year.

That was a very nice thing for him to do but there is a problem. I don’t do the top floor of parking garages unless absolutely necessary. I don’t care how many levels there are, I don’t do top level. The added problem is that this particular garage has seven levels. I know because I counted while sitting at the light one day. Forget the fact I try not to go to that post office because of the parking garage with seven levels is across the street. I have been able to park in the one with five levels and twice since that day in July two years ago, I have had to endure the top deck.

I guess in a way that was good because it made me realize just how determined you had to be in order to jump from there.

Still and all, I won’t be watching the fireworks from any parking garage. Mom and I used to watch them from across the street from the apartment, just up the hill. But the trees have gotten too tall.

Maybe next year the ball game will be in the evening and I can see it from the ball park. Or I can go out by Wal-Mart.

I love and miss you Danny.

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