Yarn and movies

I can’t think of a better combination!

Saturday I went to Delightful Ewe with a friend. What a wonderful day! It started with a stop at Sheetz for latte. The drive was nice and the weather was good. Partly sunny/cloudy at first. Then the sun would break through and it was beautiful.

Ruth had just gotten her car back. It was all nice and fixed and painted.

The next stop was the yarn store. We browsed; we knit; we bought. Like I really need any more stash? And your point is? Besides, 15% of all sales went to Relay for Life. I bought the needle I need for the Magic Loop. I have 2 different colors of sock yarn I can use so I’m all set.

We went to The Meadows for a custard sundae. Heaven or just short thereof! I love that custard stand. While we were in there the sky opened. A total downpour for just a couple minutes. As we came out I noticed the plant shop beside Sheetz is open. I think I’ll have to bring mom down there to take a look.

Then we went to a tea shop next to the yarn shop. My second beverage passion, right behind coffee. I got two types – Earl Grey Winter White and Ice Wine Black. I just had a cuppa Earl Grey. Nice — but not for the first drink of the day. I’d especially enjoy it in the afternoon or evening, I think.

The trip home was likewise lovely. We still had to leave the windows down a bit because of the paint smell but it wasn’t bad.

I was home for about 1/2 hour and had to leave for the movie. A’ndrea and I decided to see Angels & Demons. Ruth was possibly going to meet up with us.

Another good movie! Star Trek last week; Angels and Demons this week. The only thing that really bothered me was the use of the Presence Lamp. Freaked me out and creeped me out! There were some minor continuity problems, mostly between Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons and nothing much in the movie itself. I will probably rent it on video because I really need to see the Hadron Collider bit again. The one possible continuity problem that did bother me in the film was during that part. Talk about “things that make you go — HUH?”

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