Joe on rye

Dear Dan,

I’ve been thinking of the time when you worked for Joe Ammerman. You had worked for him through his first term in Congress and were starting to gear up for re-election.

That fall I went through a period of baking bread and cookies. I had made a batch of biscotti that received less than rave reviews from you. I quite liked it but you — not so much!

Later that week I baked some rye bread. You came in and had a bite. A few minutes later you came back in and asked if it was OK to take a loaf and give it to Joe. I was busy and not paying much attention. Out you went again for a few minutes and came back. At that point I asked “Joe who?

“Joe Ammerman, of course.”

I just looked at you for a moment then said, “You MUST have thought that was good. You aren’t about to poison you boss!”

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