Parking garages

Dear Dan,

Such a simple thing: pull into the parking garage, find a space and park. Well, not any more.

I wonder if there will ever come a day when I can park in a garage and not think of what happened one evening in July in Kansas City.

On occasion I drive to work and have to park in a parking garage of some sort. McAllister’s lot only has 2 floors; one metered and one permit. Since it’s on the side of a hill it almost doesn’t count as 2 levels. Pugh Street has 5 floors. I don’t like to drive higher than the second floor if I can help it.

Mom doesn’t like going into garages at all. Sometimes she has to sit and wait in the car while I run in some place for a few minutes. I try not to park in a garage when she’s with me but there are times it’s unavoidable.

Scott won’t go near a parking garage at all. I was going to take Scott to lunch one day and said something about meeting him downtown. Scott said “not in the parking garage!” I asked if it was because of you. He said yes.

I told Scott that particular garage doesn’t have 7 floors. I can tell him every building in town that has 7 floors and that garage is not one of them.

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