Dear Dan,

You loved politics so much and were so involved from early on. I remember you turned 18 the year 18 yr. olds were first allowed to vote. You got up early to get to the elementary school library and be the first in line. Those ballots were paper and they would tear off the corner with the ballot number on it, You wanted to be number one for your first vote.

It was then I learned that the people working there were allowed to vote before they let the public in. You had to settle for number eight. lol!!

When I turned 18 I was a higher number than that.

You worked for our national congressman. You asked me to go to a frat party for the opponent and “find out whatever.” I ended up talking to the guy for about a 1/2 hour. I came back and gave you my report. You admitted you were impressed.

That was also around the same time I baked some rye bread. You had a piece and said “Do you mind if I give some to Joe?” You took a loaf. I was gob smacked when I found out “Joe” was the Congressman! I knew you must have thought it was good. You wouldn’t have poisoned your boss!

I think you would have enjoyed this election very much.

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