Twelve years

Dear Dan, Twelves years you've been gone. Twelves years of all that has happened in my life. Twelves years of all that should have happened in yours. Fuck. I love and miss you more than ever.  

Four months

I've hit the four-month mark. Nothing seems so different from the one month, two month, three month mark. I've been doing "stuff." I go to work. I come home. I've gone through clothing and possessions -- except for photos. I can't do that yet. Two photos in frames that sat on mom's bookcase forever are... Continue Reading →

Almost two months

Mom passed on March 2nd, 2019. I was holding her hand and stroking her face and hair when she passed. She had two very short moments of apnea and she was gone. The last two days, she was no longer responsive, but because I was cracking jokes and telling funny family stories, mom was laughing... Continue Reading →

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